Koalaswim Jockstraps for men, swimwear for men and spandex sex wear

Spandex Lycra what a beautiful blend of the most perfect fitting fabric on the planet. Jockstraps for men must fit well and if that special one molds to your body, thats just perfection! I prefer my jockstrapsmens swimwear and fetish wear to highlight my shaft size (which is small but perky) and show off my well defined cock head. I love having adjustable style jockstraps for men designs. Ones that I can tighten up deep into my ass.  I have a few of the new Koalaswim anal wear designs which use butt plugs, anal hooks and combo cock ring anal plugs as part of the jockstrap/swimsuit construction.


Here is an adjustable style design


jockstraps for men







Jockstraps for men Watching you

Jockstraps for Men and the Voyeur

Mens swimwear, spandex sex wear, Lycra fetish wear, cock diplay suits, micro swimwear for men, male chastity, male to female transformation and so much more!

Wearing jockstraps for men may not seem like a
very erotic thing in this day and age, but it all depends on where you are
wearing them and who is around you at that particular time. Now, I am not one
of those guys that wears jockstraps out in public without having something else
on over them. I don’t really think all that many people want to look at my body
in that type of dress, but I do tend to spend a lot of time in my backyard

I have
started to notice that every time I am wearing my jockstraps for men from Koalaswim.com while I am out in the back
yard, my neighbor constantly watches me from her bedroom window. At first, it
was a bit disturbing for me to have her watching me get a tan, but after a few
times of her doing it, I was a bit excited to see her. Of course, what I was in
for was beyond anything I would have thought possible the other day, when she
decided to become a bit more involved in her watching of me getting a tan.

I had thrown
on a new pair of jockstraps for men
that I recently purchased and walked out into the backyard to get a good couple
of hours in the sun. The sun was out in shining force and I was ready to get
some relaxation time in. I had my bottle of tanning lotion and sat on my lawn
chair and started to rub the oil into my skin. I noticed movement out of the
corner of my eye and realized that my neighbor was standing in her window
watching me go through my tanning ritual.

Jockstraps and other strange products for the penis

Jockstraps for men almost always leads into fetish cock play. You have a penis you might as well have a great time with it all the time. Jockstraps for men make it fun to wear skimpy underwear designs. Jockstraps, bikinis, thongs, g-strings and now you are seeing jockstraps coming in many more styles than just the old fashion ones(don’t get me wrong we all got our first jockstrap hard -ons wearing old school jockstraps) many of the new jockstraps are made of spandex and spandex is the most sensual of fabrics. It wraps nicely around the cock and everytime I wear anything made of spandex Lycra including mens swimwear, jockstraps and fetish spandex I get wet.

Thought I would post anothe Michael David Koalaswim design description on my blog. Just his comments get me hard. It is amazing this is a design you can buy. I am also posting a photo of an extreme penis enhancement system by Koala. This one will be out soon but the have many others listed on koalaswim.com. Penis stretching is a blast.

 Male chastity

Diablo Probe

One of the
sexiest designs on the planet, the Diablo
is surely one fetish item that you are going to orgasm over every
time you put it on. The cock ring and ball splitter will have you wondering why
you haven’t worn one of these before, but just when you think that is the most
pleasure you can experience, the Diablo
kicks it into high gear with a large metal hook that slides in to
hold the whole piece in place. This is not for beginners in fetish wear, but
works wonders for those guys that are more experienced.

The large
metal hook of the Diablo Probe comes
from the waist strap and slides up into your hole while the strap from the ball
splitter attaches at the base. In this way, you won’t ever have to worry about
anything slipping or sliding around while you are wearing this suit. It is one
of the most sensual and orgasmic items on Koalaswim.com, and will give you that
feeling of sexual gratification every time you put it on. If you want something
unique to wear for your partner, then you can’t get any better than the Diablo Probe.

You know you
are getting a great piece of fetish wear when you go to Koalaswim.com, but when
you consider that the Diablo Probe is
one of the bestselling fetish wear items ever, then you know that you can’t go
anywhere else. If you are new to this type of fetish wear, then you might want
to hold off just a bit until you are ready for something this intense. But once
you have made your way up to something of this level, the Diablo Probe is the only fetish wear that you will ever be wearing.
In fact, you might not ever want to take it off again.



Extreme jockstrap penis stretcher

Jockstraps for men and the art of penis stretching

There is a sexual side to jockstraps for men and that is where we come in. We feature sexy jockstraps for men including cock wear and spandex sex wear. Penis and ball stretching is a popular form of male enhancement. When you slip off that jockstrap do you show a tiny penis? Showing off your tiny penis is fine. Many men and women find small to average sized cocks very sexy and most men are average or smaller. We have worked with male models for jockstraps for men shoots, mens swimwear shoots and mens fetish wear shoots that have non hard cocks of an 1″ give or take. They are very cute. That said there is a whole movent of men that like to show off a little more. Some are blessed with large cocks and hanging balls and others must work at it.

Below I have posted info about the Koalaswim.com Mens swimwear site that offers a full line of penis stretchers, ball stretchers and combo stretchers. Guys into jockstraps for men should find the photos arousing. I also included a photo of an up-coming designs by Michael David of Koala

Sheer Force Penis Stretcher

When it
comes to penis enlargement, one of the oldest and most used aspects is manual
stretching. The Sheer Force Penis
from Koalaswim.com is one of the bestselling products for making
that special part of your body bigger, yet it gives you that sensual pleasure
you want while using it. Other sites tend to overprice their items of this
nature and they never seem to work as well as the customers might think. But
Koalaswim.com puts the same amount of quality into their Sheer Force Penis Stretcher as they do in everything else they make,
and at a price that is more than reasonable.

The best
thing about the Sheer Force Penis
is the adjustable strap that allows you to get the perfect
stretch no matter what you are doing while wearing it. The multiple shaft
straps allow you to get the perfect fit while the leg strap goes below the knee
so that you get the ideal stretch without any slipping that the thigh straps
tend to do with other brands. Now, you can stretch your cock while working or
playing and still feel as comfortable as walking around naked.

You can try
pills and pumps all you want, but only the advanced techniques of the Sheer Force Penis Stretcher will give
you the results you are looking for. If you are new to stretching, then you
might want to start with the standard penis stretcher first. However, for those
guys that want to experience a difference unlike anything they have ever tried
before, then the Sheer Force Penis Stretcher
is the perfect item for you. Now’s the time to show your partner exactly what
you have to offer and using the Sheer
Force Penis Stretcher
is going to be the best way of accomplishing that
aspect for you.


jockstraps for men

sexy jockstraps for men

Jockstraps for men on the extreme side

There is nothing like cock shaped jockstraps for men. They offer the best looking most comfortable fit. They turn you on and they will turn on who ever you are having sex with. These jockstraps for men are designed to arouse. You can even have sex while wearing them. Nothing like blowing a load in your jock strap.


This is another Koalaswim.com design. Link: Mens swimwear it is by Michael David and as you can see it fits great and is highly exciting to wear.


jockstraps for men

jockstraps for men cock shaped fun

Spandex freak jockstraps for men and cock wear

The line gets blurred between jockstraps for men and spandex fetish wear including cock displays, male sex wear and even extreme mens swimwear. Jockstraps for men is an entire fetish category on its own with many gay, bi and straight men into wearing them, wrestling in them and just showing off their bulges at the gym in them. Spandex fetish wear is similar and more erotic. Some of the designs are so insane including cock stratching, femininzing and other fetish fun that it maks jockstraps for men seem tame. Make sure to visit Koalaswim.com and see the creative designs by Michael David their designer. He is considered the most extreme men’s spandex designer on the planet and boy does he know what to do with a cock!


Here is an example of a Koala design:


Blazing Blade

Just like
the Blade G-String, the Blazing Blade
gives you the look of sleek excitement without overdoing it in the shaft department.
The stretch Lycra Spandex pouches pull the balls and the cock down to give you
the look of one filled out pouch, but without the excessive material showing.
The look of this suit is so striking that most people won’t even notice that
you are wearing a swimsuit with a pouch in it and, instead, think you are wearing
a traditional piece. That is, until they get a closer look and can see your
cock in all its glory.

The low
backed v-shaped string allows you to show off your curves just like you want
without having to worry about those tan lines showing when you are out in
normal dress attire. This makes the Blazing
one of the best all-around tanning suits on the market, and one that
you will love to wear out to the beach on a relaxing afternoon of sun bathing.
But that shouldn’t mean you have to stop at just sun bathing. Get this baby on
at night and head out to those pool parties you love so much and see what

You are
going to find that the Blazing Blade
will literally draw attention to you unlike anything else you may have ever
worn. People love to talk about this unique and sexy suit, and everyone at that
pool party is going to notice you the second you walk in wearing it. There are
a lot of guys that will wear nothing but the Blazing Blade because of the attention that they get from everyone
around them. You just have to be prepared for all the phone numbers you are
going to end up with if you choose to purchase this Blazing Blade from Koalaswim.com.



More jockstraps for men

Functional Jock Straps for Men That
Want to Look Sexy

Quite a few
guys in the world are highly active in sports and athletics of all kinds these
days. Because of this there is a need to have jock straps for men that will help protect that certain body area.
But you may not have known that koalaswim.com offers you the same protection
with a flash of class that will make just about any man wearing them look as
sexy as possible. This can really come in handy if you are looking to impress
someone that you want to be with as well.

There are
plenty of places out there that sell jock
straps for men,
but none of those places have jock straps that are more
erotic in nature like koalaswim.com has. Erotic jock straps allow you to get
the functionality of more traditional straps but ads a naughty side to it that
allows you to wear them for your late night fun, too. While some guys might not
think that wearing a jock strap can be erotic, their partners will more than
likely enjoying seeing them in one when they walk out of the bathroom.

There is no
reason why jock straps for men from
koalaswim.com can’t be used as an alternative to more conventional underwear,
either. In fact, there are plenty of men out there that wear things just like
this under their clothing while they are at work and at play. You never know
when you might need to impress upon someone the lengths to which you will go to
have a bit of fun. By purchasing your jock
straps for men
from koalswim.com, you are allowing yourself the ability to
have more fun in your life, and that is always a good idea.

If you find
that you are getting tired of working long hours without having the basic
comforts you deserve, then maybe you should consider wearing jock straps for men from koalaswim.com.
You will find that the materials that are used in their erotic line of jock
straps are some of the most comfortable materials around. You will also find
that you are paying much less for this comfort than you might think. That’s the
best thing about being able to purchase things like jock straps for men from a website like koalaswim.com, the prices
are much better than high end adult clothing stores.

One thing
that you will come to realize is that koalaswim.com offers you the best of the
best. Whether you are looking for jock
straps for men
or just about any other type of erotic clothing items,
koalaswim.com only purchases the best quality items that they can find. They
are also willing to try on everything they purchase to make sure that you are
getting what you pay for rather than other stores that are only worried about
their overhead and profits. That is why you should consider koalaswim.com for
all of your jock straps for men needs.

One thing
that you might find interesting to know is that koalaswim.com has a variety of jock straps for men that range
everywhere from traditional to erotic and fun. So it doesn’t matter if you are
looking for a jock strap to play football in or if you just want to have some
extra fun in the bedroom with your partner; you are going to find everything you
could ever possibly want in one site. Making it easy for you to find the things
you need is why koalaswim.com came into existence in the first place.

This site
also allows you to have that bit of privacy that you deserve when trying to
find those perfect jock straps for men.
They know how difficult it is for some men to be able to find the clothing
options that they want to wear, especially when it comes to the more erotic in
nature. No one wants to be seen walking out of an adult store, especially by friends
or family members, and having to explain what is in the bag. There are certain
things that should remain secret, and koalaswim.com helps you do that with

Any guy that
is looking for jock straps for men
knows that there is a level of comfort that is involved in wearing items like
these. Of course, there are times when the thought of wearing a jock strap
brings up high school P.E. classes and the fact that the jock straps you had to
wear then weren’t made to be comfortable at all. The good news is that most jock straps for men these days,
especially the more erotic ones, are made for the comfort that you have always
wanted in an article of this nature. Now all you have to do is worry about
getting the right size.

Finding the
right size of jock straps for men is
pretty easy, though. Most of them have adjustable bands so that you can get
them to fit exactly the way they should. Not every man is the same in size or
proportion, and having jock straps for
that fit everyone would be a bit odd. By allowing you to adjust the
size makes it much easier to find ones that will fit and actually give you the
protection that a traditional jock strap offers, without all the hassles.

Why not head
over to koalaswim.com and see what jock
straps for men
options are available to you? You have nothing to lose in
looking, and you will more than likely find at least one item that will make
you look as sexy as you know you are. You will also find that your partner will
find you just as sexy when you put on your jock
straps for men
that you purchased from koalswim.com, too. That is the most
important thing to remember; what your partner thinks of you in your jock strap
can be the difference between a cold dinner and a hot dessert.

If you have
never worn jock straps for men
before, you might be a bit challenged in trying to find one that will fit your
needs. You don’t have to put too much thought into it, though, as purchasing a
jock strap is fairly straight forward. All you really need to consider is
whether or not you are looking for something more functional or for something
more playful. If you are looking for pure functionality, then you might want to
try your local sporting goods store. If it’s playful jock straps for men you want, then go to koalaswim.com instead.

jock straps allows for a cup to be placed in the front panel that will protect
the sensitive parts of your body from injury during whatever sport you are
playing. These kinds of jock straps for
can come in very handy for athletes and have been used for decades.
Playful jock straps may or may not have a panel in the front for a cup, but a
lot of them do have the addition of having a strap-on attached to them for use
in the bedroom. There are even female versions of jock straps for men just for that use.

You are also
getting a lot more variety in the materials that the jock straps for men are made from if you are going the erotic and
playful route. While traditional jock straps are usually made from cotton
fibers, the erotic versions can be made from anything you could think of. In
fact, there are entire fetishes that involve guys wearing latex and rubber jock straps for men all day long. But
it doesn’t stop with just latex and rubber. There are leather and even vinyl
jock straps that you can purchase, and quite a few guys are looking into the
role of Spandex in the manufacture and comfort of certain kinds of jock straps for men and the fetishist
they represent.

Since there
is such a variety of jock straps available, especially at koalaswim.com, you might
find it difficult to decide right away which ones to purchase. If you have a
partner nearby, why not ask them to join you in the search for your newest jock straps for men and see what they
would pick? There is a good chance that the two of you will have some of the
same ideas as to what you should be wearing in the bedroom, and it will bring
you both closer together.

there is the aspect of whether you want to wear something like this all day
long. Depending on the material that you choose to have your jock straps for men made from you might
find that some aren’t as comfortable for all day wear. Jock straps made from
leather are great for a couple of hours of play at night, but when you start
trying to wear them at work all day long, they tend to get rather uncomfortable
for the wearer.

The reason
leather is not a good choice for your jock
straps for men
is that you will start to sweat in them after a while. When
leather gets wet, it becomes rather slick and can tend to shrink a bit. No one
wants to be wearing a jock strap that is slowly shrinking and have nothing to
replace it with. If you are going to be working long hours and wearing jock straps for men, then you should go
with Spandex instead. This is a material that breathes easily and gives you the
movement you need to be able to work comfortably while wearing them.

has a large selection of all the latest jock
straps for men
that are made from all of the materials mentioned before.
They even have fetish wear that can incorporate the jock strap aspect as well.
In fact, they have all the accessories you could ever want or need that will
make wearing your jock straps for men
quite a pleasant adventure for you. The best thing is that you can shop from
your own home and have them mailed directly to your mailbox without worrying
about what other people may be thinking.

The internet
has given everyone the ability to take their fetishes to a whole new height,
and koalaswim.com has jumped right into the middle of that. Now, you can purchase
your jock straps for men without the
slightest thought of what anyone will think of you. You can wear these garments under your current clothes, even while
working. and no one will know the difference unless you show them. You get all
the privacy you could ever want, and that’s a good thing for fetish guys
wearing jock straps for men. You get
the ability to shop at your leisure as well.

There is no
reason why you shouldn’t be at koalaswim.com finding yourself the perfect jock
straps for you. Don’t you deserve to have something in your life that you can
enjoy? If wearing jock straps allows you to do that, then more power to you.
You can have everything you ever wanted in your life just by allowing yourself
to wear jock straps for men and feel
why this fetish is something every guy enjoys. All it takes is a few minutes to
find a pair that you like and order them.

If ever
there was a time for guys that enjoyed wearing jock straps for men, that time is now. Go to koalaswim.com and find
out why it’s the best site online for purchasing all of your fetish and erotic
mens wear. It’s not limited to just listings for mens jock straps. You are
going to love the first item you purchase, and you will definitely be back for
more as soon as you can. You deserve to have one thing in your life that you
can enjoy in secret and wearing jock
straps for men
can be that thing. So why are you still sitting there? Go to
koalaswim.com and find something that drives you and your partner wild.

More jock straps for men along with spandex sex wear

My opinion is that if you are into jock straps for men as a fetish you will mostly likely be highly aroused by Spandex Lycra sex wear designs. We just added quite a few new styles to Koalaswim.com link Mens swimwear. Designs that have been created to expand your sexual fun and desires. These spandex creations are made to control your cock. Better and harder erections, ball stimulation, better sex and outstanding visuals.